B22315 Wall Mounted Foldable Slatted Shower Seat

The Basterfield B22315 Wall Mounted Foldable Slatted Shower Seat is a high-quality seating solution for accessible bathrooms that need to cater for individuals with reduced mobility. The slatted shower seat is perfect for use in hospitals, medical facilities and assisted living facilities. The seat is foldable so it can be flipped up for use of the shower by a standing user. The seat is comfortable and ergonomic as well as durable and hygienic.

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B22315 Wall Mounted Foldable Slatted Shower Seat

Our B22315 Wall Mounted Foldable Slatted Shower Seat is a hygienic, durable and ergonomic solution to seating within showers. The seat can be flipped up to still allow the use of the shower by a standing user. Manufactured from Grade 304 Stainless Steel, the slatted shower seat is highly hygienic making it perfect for use within medical related applications such as within a hospital. The surfaces of the shower seat are finished with a satin polish finish making it aesthetic and also easy to clean. The seat is slatted which allows for efficient drainage of water from the seat.

The B22315 Wall Mounted Foldable Slatted Shower Seat is mounted to the shower wall with the supplied heavy-duty wall mounting brackets. This makes for very easy installation and means that there are no legs that will make cleaning of the shower floor difficult. The stainless steel shower seat is suitable for use by individuals with reduced mobility, elderly individuals and disabled individuals.


  • Wall Mounted Foldable Slatted Shower Seat
  • Manufactured from high-quality Grade 304 Stainless Steel ensuring a hygienic and durable shower seat
  • All surfaces are finished to a satin polish which makes the unit easy to clean and requires little maintenance
  • Features a slatted seat which allows for easy drainage of water from the seat
  • The seat is foldable ensuring that a standing user can also use the shower
  • The seat is wall-mounted to the shower wall via the heavy-duty wall mounting brackets
  • Four mounting points are provided on the wall mounting brackets
  • Available in four different lengths to meet different size requirements

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