B22362 Wall Mounted Slop Hopper With Draining Board

The B22362 Wall Mounted Slop Hopper With Draining Board is a stainless steel slop hopper used for the efficient and hygienic disposal of waste in hospital and other institutional environments. Provided with a draining board, the unit is space-effective. Manufactured from Grade 304 Stainless Steel, the unit is easy to clean and maintain thus ensuring the slop hopper is kept in a sanitary condition. The wall mounted slop hopper is perfect for hospitals, general healthcare, clinics and assisted living facilities among others.

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B22362 Wall Mounted Slop Hopper With Draining Board

Our B22362 Wall Mounted Slop Hopper With Draining Board is an efficient solution to the disposal of liquid and solid waste within hospitals and institutional environments. Manufactured from Grade 304 Stainless Steel, the slop hopper meets and exceeds the sanitary requirements demanded by these environments. All surfaces have a satin polish stainless steel finish ensuring the unit is easy to clean and requires little maintenance. The finish also makes for an aesthetically pleasing unit within any environment. The slop hopper with draining board is durable, ergonomic and hygienic.

B22362 Wall Mounted Slop Hopper With Draining Board has a top slab with a sloped drip ledge. This reduces the potential for contamination of the washing area. The slop hopper features an integral flushing rim. This allows for the hygienic and water efficient disposal of liquid and solid waste. At the bottom of the slop hopper, there is a standard outlet designed to suit attachment to standard PVC sewerage systems. The outlet is suitable for use with either a P-Trap or an S-Trap. The slop hopper can be supplied with either a back entry or top entry flush pipe connection for supply of the flushing water. The back entry model is designed to be used with concealed flushing systems. The top entry model is designed for use with an exposed cistern and is supplied with an integral stainless steel flush pipe. The unit is suitable for use with either a flush valve or a cistern. Flush valves are generally recommended for use in applications where standard municipal water pressure is available. In rural applications where the appropriate water pressure is not available, then a cistern flushing system is recommended. The cistern system can be either a high level or low level mounted cistern. Take a look at our range of stainless steel cisterns for more information.

The wall mounted slop hopper includes a draining board for the drying of items after washing. This drainage board can be either left-hand or right-hand of the slop hopper. The combination of a draining board and slop hopper ensures an easy to use unit for staff whilst also ensuring efficient use of space. The B22362 Wall Mounted Slop Hopper With Draining Board can be used with wall mounted tapware, however, where deck mounted tapware is required, tap holes can be included. The unit is extremely easy to install with simple mounting to the wall with the heavy duty wall mounting brackets being required. The wall mounting brackets are made from stainless steel ensuring hygienic standards are maintained. Where additional support is required, the unit can be supplied with optional front support legs. Whilst greater support is provided, the front support legs do make cleaning behind the unit harder. The front support legs include adjustable foot pieces for easy levelling of the unit on the floor. If you require a slop hopper combined with a wash hand basin, then our B22365 Wall Mounted Combination Slop Hopper & Wash Hand Basin may be exactly what you need!


  • Wall mounted slop hopper with draining board
  • Designed to meet and exceed the high hygiene standards of hospitals, clinics and institutions
  • An extremely durable and long-lasting design ensures the slop hopper is able to withstand arduous use
  • The slop hopper is manufactured from Grade 304 Stainless Steel
  • All visible surfaces are finished with a satin polish finish making the unit extremely easy to clean
  • The top slab features a sloped drip ledge assisting in keeping the washing area clean and dry
  • The slop hopper has an integral flushing rim which offers hygienic and water efficient flushing
  • A standard outlet is situated at the bottom of the slop hopper and is suitable for connection to standard PVC sewerage system
  • The flushing water can be provided by either a back entry or top entry flush pipe connection
  • The top entry option includes an integral stainless steel flush pipe suitable for use with an exposed flushing systems
  • The back entry option is suitable for use with concealed flushing systems that can be installed into a duct in the wall behind the unit
  • The slop hopper sink is suitable for use with either flush valves or cisterns
  • A draining board is combined with the slop hopper to provide a flat surface for the draining of wet objects
  • The draining board can be configured as either left or right of the slop hopper
  • As standard, the unit is suitable with wall mounted tapware
  • Tapholes can be provided for deck mounted tapware on request
  • The slop hopper is easy to secure to the wall with the heavy duty wall mounting brackets
  • Front support legs can be optionally supplied for additional support

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