B65145 Eco Foot-Operated Manual Boot Washer

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B65145 Eco Foot-Operated Manual Boot Washer

Our B65145 Eco Foot-Operated Manual Boot Washer is a high-quality solution to the manual washing of boots in hygiene sensitive applications. The boot wash station offers an economical alternative to the Basterfield B65166 Manual Boot Washer and is more space effective. The unit has been designed to be compact yet at the same time ensure it is easy to use and efficient when it comes to the cleaning of boots. Manufactured from Grade 304 Stainless Steel, the boot washer is hygienic and requires little maintenance. The unit is easy to clean ensuring it is easily kept in hygienic condition. The boot wash station is manufactured with a robust stainless steel framework which makes for a robust unit that will withstand arduous use.

The Basterfield B65145 Eco Foot-Operated Manual Boot Washer includes a water fed brush which offers a spray for the easy washing of boots. The brush is hand-operated and the water supply is activated by the foot operated valve. The wastewater is efficiently collected and drained from the unit via the drainage enclosure. A safety handrail can be optionally supplied for additional support where required. The manual boot wash station is mounted on adjustable foot pieces which allow for levelling of the unit on the floor. The B65145 Eco Foot-Operated Manual Boot Washer allows for the efficient removal of dirt from boots which avoids contamination between hygienic areas. The unit is perfectly suited for processing areas, preparation areas, packaging areas and more.


  • Cost-effective and space-efficient manual boot wash station
  • Manufactured from high-quality Grade 304 Stainless Steel ensuring the unit is hygienic
  • A compact design ensures little space is used
  • A sturdy stainless steel framework ensures a robust and stable unit
  • Features a spray hose brush which allows for the manual scrubbing of boots
  • The water supply is activated by a foot operated valve
  • The drainage enclosure efficiently collects the wastewater and drains via the waste outlet
  • The drainage enclosure can be fitted with an optional safety handrail for support
  • The unit is mounted on adjustable foot pieces ensuring easy levelling

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Proudly manufactured in South Africa

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Typical lead times of 10 - 15 working days

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