H72710(312-1500-F) Dissection Table Backdraft Ventilation Stainless Steel Grade 316 1500mm Length

Dissection table stainless steel grade 316 1500mm l x 600mm w x 900mm h with backdraft system floor oriented and adjustable feet

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The Basterfield H72710 series of dissection tables are designed for optimal performance in medical, educational, and research settings. Incorporating ergonomic features and cutting-edge ventilation technology, this table ensures a secure, efficient, and user-friendly environment for all dissection activities. It stands as a vital resource for facilities that demand precision, durability, and safety in their dissection equipment.

The H72710 dissection table has dimensions of 1500mm in length, 600mm in depth (excluding the back draft system), and a height of 900mm from the floor to the tabletop. Constructed from stainless steel grade 316L, the table offers unparalleled resistance to corrosion and easy maintenance, making it a lasting investment for any institution. Additionally, for institutions looking to balance quality with budgetary considerations, the table is also available in stainless steel grade 304 as an alternative option.

A key feature of the dissection table is its back draft ventilation system, which includes exhaust grills that can be easily removed with thumbscrews for maintenance and cleaning. The downdraft system duct comes equipped with a manual adjustable damper, allowing for precise control of airflow. This system is designed to connect seamlessly with floor-based ventilation systems, promoting a clean and safe working environment.

To ensure stability and accommodate various working conditions, the table features four solid legs, each with adjustable feet. This allows the table to be levelled on uneven surfaces. Additionally, the table is designed with a marine edge, preventing spills and facilitating easier cleanup.

The table offers a range of optional extras to enhance its functionality, including integral sinks, tapware, macerators, and shelving, allowing for a highly customizable setup to meet specific operational needs. Furthermore, an alternative configuration is available with ceiling-oriented duct ventilation, providing flexibility for facilities with different ventilation system requirements.

Standard Features:

  • Material Options: Stainless steel grade 316L (standard), with grade 304 available as an optional alternative
    Ventilation: Back draft system with removable exhaust grills (thumbscrew mechanism), and manual adjustable damper in the downdraft system duct
    Stability: Four legs with adjustable feet for level adjustment
    Design: Marine edge for spill containment
    Optional Extras: Integral sinks, tapware, macerators, shelving for added functionality; alternative ceiling-oriented duct ventilation system for flexibility.

Origin of Manufacture:
Designed and manufactured in South Africa.

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Proudly manufactured in South Africa

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