Why do we have a Social Media policy?‚Äč

At Basterfield, we value the opportunity to connect with our customers, partners, and other stakeholders via social media. We believe that social media can be a valuable tool in providing support to our customers, keeping them updated and engaging with them. With that being said, we also firmly believe in using social media responsibly. Our responsible use of social media is crucial for several reasons:

  • It allows us to maintain positive and respectful interactions with our customers.
  • It safeguards the reputation and interests of our company.
  • It ensures adherence to laws and company policies.

Overall, our approach to social media is guided by our commitment to being responsible and respectful in all our interactions with our customers, partners and stakeholders.

Participation in Social Media

Our company has strict policies in place for employees using social media to communicate with customers on behalf of the company. These policies ensure that our employees abide by the law and follow company guidelines when posting or sharing content on social media. This includes refraining from posting inappropriate or offensive material and taking steps to protect the reputation and interests of Basterfield.

All of our employees are aware that the internet is widely accessible to anonymous users and that information shared on social media can never be completely erased. They also understand the potential impact that their actions on social media can have on the company’s reputation. As such, our employees are trained to act with good judgment, respect and attentiveness when interacting on social media.

It’s worth noting that any information shared by our employees on social media does not represent the official views or statements of Basterfield. For official information, please refer to our website, news releases or our official social media accounts.

Official Accounts

Basterfield wants to ensure that its customers are well-informed and up-to-date with the latest news and developments regarding the company and its products or services. To achieve this, the company will be using its official social media accounts to share important announcements and statements with the public.

We kindly request that customers use these designated channels for any social media interactions they may have with Basterfield. This will not only help us to provide a more efficient and streamlined service, but it will also ensure that important information is not lost among a plethora of other posts and messages.

We understand that social media is a quick and convenient way for customers to reach out to companies and express their thoughts or concerns. That is why Basterfield is committed to providing as responsive and helpful a service as possible. However, we would like to note that, while we will make every effort to respond to all social media interactions in a timely manner, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to respond to every single inquiry.

This may be due to the high volume of messages we receive or the complexity of the inquiry which may need more attention and research. But please rest assured that we will do our best to address as many concerns and queries as possible. We look forward to engaging with you through our official social media channels.

The below is a list of all the official social media accounts of Basterfield

If you have a negative experience when interacting with Basterfield on social media or suspect an employee may be in breach of our responsible social media policy, please do contact us via our contact page or email hello@basterfield.co.za.