B17654 Wall Mounted Shrouded Waste WC Pan

Elegantly designed, our B17654 Wall Mounted Shrouded Waste WC Pan is an aesthetic, durable and functional wall mounted stainless steel toilet. The toilet is perfect for schools, restaurants, hospitals, and other public amenities. Manufactured from Grade 304 Stainless Steel, the wall mounted toilet is extremely hygienic and easy to clean. Designed to prevent vandalism, the toilet will offer long-lasting use even in the most arduous environments. Supplied with a concealed heavy duty mounting bracket, the toilet is easy to install. The B17654 Wall Mounted Shrouded Waste WC Pan offers exceptional flushing performance, water conservation and much more!

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B17654 Wall Mounted Shrouded Waste WC Pan

Our B17654 Wall Mounted Shrouded Waste WC Pan offers schools, restaurants, universities, and more, a long-lasting and durable stainless steel wall mounted toilet. The wall mounted toilet is manufactured from high-quality Grade 304 Stainless Steel ensuring a highly hygienic unit. The carefully considered design ensures an elegant unit whilst still ensuring functionality. The design ensures the unit is easy-to-clean and requires little maintenance. A one-piece construction without joints or crevices prevents the build-up of deposits and optimal strength. Radiused edges make for added safety and comfort whilst seated. Manufactured from 1.2mm gauge stainless steel, the wall mounted toilet can withstand arduous use and vandalism. All external surfaces are polished to a satin finish whilst the internal surface is polished to provide a finish that is easy-to-clean and resistant to scale build-up and deposits.

The toilet is fitted with a shroud thereby fully enclosing the trap. This reduced the risk of vandalism to the pipework but also ensures an aesthetic unit. The integral flushing rim has an anti-splash design that is water conservative. A rear entry flush pipe inlet is provided which suits a standard rubber intel sealing bung. The outlet is a standard 102mm diameter stainless steel outlet pipe connected to an integral P-Trap. The outlet pipe can be connected to standard PVC sewerage systems. The stainless steel WC Pan offers fantastic flushing performance thus reducing costly blockages. The B17654 Wall Mounted Shrouded Waste WC Pan is supplied with pre-drilled standard seat holes for optional fitment of various seats. The toilet is suitable for use with a variety of flushing systems including concealed flush valves and concealed cistern systems. The toilet is easily installed via the provided concealed heavy duty wall mounting bracket. Manufactured from 3mm gauge stainless steel, the bracket is extremely strong ensuring optimal support of the toilet. The bracket enables the toilet to be front mounted to the wall and secured in place with security type screws.

Made to offer a cost-effective, hygienic and elegant stainless steel WC Pan, our B17654 Wall Mounted Shrouded Waste WC Pan is the perfect solution for a variety of uses. If a wall mounted solution is not what you are looking for, you may be interested in our range of floor mounted WC Pans, various urinal options and more!


  • Wall mounted shrouded waste stainless steel toilet
  • Elegant design
  • Carefully designed to be easy-to-clean and maintain
  • Powerful flushing makes the toilet less susceptible to costly blockages
  • Manufactured from 1.2mm gauge Grade 304 Stainless Steel ensuring optimal strength
  • A one-piece construction without joints or crevices ensures the toilet remains hygienic
  • Radiused edges ensure extra safety
  • The external surface has a polished satin finish with the internal surface polished to ensure the unit is easy to clean and preventing scale build-up
  • Manufactured with shroud  fulling enclosing the trap and reducing the risk of vandalism
  • Fitted with an integral flushing rim designed to offer anti-splash flushing whilst ensuring efficient flushing and water conservation
  • The stainless steel wall mounted toilet offers exceptional flushing performance
  • Fitted with a rear entry flush pipe inlet which suits a rubber intel sealing bung
  • Features an integral stainless steel P-Trap waste outlet with a 102mm diameter suitable for standard PVC sewerage systems
  • The unit is supplied with pre-drilled standard seat holes for optional attachment of a variety of seats
  • Designed for operation by a concealed flush valve or cistern flushing system installed into duct behind the wall
  • Supplied with a concealed heavy duty wall mounting bracket manufactured from 3mm gauge stainless steel
  • The wall mounting bracket offers easy front mounting installation and fitment with security type screws

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